Music Promotion

We accelerate artists exposure through real fan engagement and growth promotions

Music Marketing

Providing tangible discovery, exposure and reach for artists using music industry and marketing techniques 


We plan and create promotional marketing strategies focused around the top trending influencers who can inform and shape a popular opinion to produce and share our artists music to a wide fan base. In-return ensuring and generating active listeners and followers.  

Representing top artists and music in north America with Millions views & Streams globally. 

We provide this empowering service for music promotion through the use of photo, video and graphically designed music ads to be promoted across all popular Social Media platforms; TikTok, Instagram (stories, posts, reels), Facebook and YouTube to capture audience reach.
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Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and more

We get music heard and grow a fan base through connecting and streaming music with listeners. Our approach is thought out and tailored to suit each song release or promotion. With strategized campaign roll outs and quick delivery. 
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Focusing on campaigns tailored to Artist’s growth objective 

We drive successful online campaigns through actual and real time data that can convert listeners into fans and super-fans thereafter. Focusing on top topics including demographics, tendencies and interests relating to music fans. 
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At Tendance we push the boundaries of Music Marketing

Let’s get your music heard and seen across as many audiences as possible!  
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