July 24, 2023

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An Echoing Voice Born - A Worldwide Popularity

My team and I are looking forward to releasing more music for our fans soon. We are already working on a new song and here’s a hint: we’re giving it a different vibe. Stay tuned!

Dharia became a TikTok sensation with her very first single, Sugar & Brownies. Trending on the top 10 position in TikTok for several months in a row, the song racked over 300 million plays on Youtube and over 10 million stream son Spotify. This figures placed her also on the top 10 Shazam charts.

At only the age of 12, Dharia, a Romanian singer & song writer, entered the music industry to discover and share the gem of the voice she holds. Her captivating high-energy and persistence captured new audiences and fans and worldwide popularity. Later releases, came as a confirmation that Dharia is not just a one hit wonder, but a super talented singer. Dharia's songs have received massive support, and were broadcasted all over the world on important radio stations from Romania, Bulgaria, Tunis, Turkey, Morocco India and North America.

Dharia - Singer/Song Writer

Here’s a little more sit and tell “Exclusive” from the one and only Dharia herself.

How did you enter the music industry at such a young age?  

I got into the music industry at only twelve years old when I met Monoir, who gave me the opportunity not only to release my own songs, but also to be part of the writing process.

Define what music means to you in three words:  

Expression, freedom and therapy.

How do you balance your time in the studio with other commitments (eg: school)  

I’ve always tried to be organized. I couldn’t go to the studio without finishing my homework and other way around. If I stick to a schedule, I feel a lot more focused on what I have to do and I finish my tasks quicker.

Dharia - Singer

It terms of an overall composition from all the songs you released to date, what is your favourite song and why? 

It’s hard to name a song, but I would say ‘Tara Rita’ is one of my favourites. It’s not only the song that is very special to me, but also the music video, because I had the opportunity to work with a group of really talented dancers who created the choreography exactly the way I imagined it would be.

If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be? 

I would like my fans to remember me as a complete artist - not just a performer but also a songwriter who pours her heart into every song.

Fun Fact Time: Share 3 fun facts about your self, your haven't shard with your fans before!  

A funny thing about me is that when was 4 years old I had a big obsession with chewing gum, especially the one with fruit flavour. I was always searching for chewing gum everywhere around the house - my mom's bag, my sister's backpack. You can say it was my favorite dessert. :)

Another funny thing is that when I was in the 8th grade my music teacher told me I’m not an artist just because I wasn’t as good at playing piano as he wanted me to be. He kept telling me the same thing every class in front of my classmates and at some point, I was worried I was going to fail at Music. It’s hilarious how he didn’t see my passion for singing and was only focusing on being perfect at playing an instrument.

Last but my least, something really funny but weird at the same time happened to me a few years ago. I was watching TV and suddenly I saw a girl who looked exactly like me in a commercial. A few friends asked me ‘Is that you?’, but no, it wasn’t me. We were all very confused:)

Daria Comănescu aka Dharia

What’s next on Dharia’s list, any new releases soon?  

My team and I are looking forward to releasing more music for our fans soon. We are already working on a new song and here’s a hint:

we’re giving it a different vibe. Stay tuned!



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An Echoing Voice Born - A Worldwide Popularity



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