January 28, 2022

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Dara: A Tell All Story & Behind The Lyrics Truth's

"Follow your heart, open up to the world and make a 1-year plan. The artist’s path is not an easy one because this freedom doesn’t always provide you with security, but trust me it feeds your soul, and gives you wings with which you can fly into different dimensions."

The Music world is vast and when a star is born, it won't take long before they are known! they bring in a whole new world of energy and emotion that can't be missed. We're unveiling a star with an accumulation of tracks, streams, fans and a flourish of musical talents; DARA.

DARA is at the forefront of the music scene. With her distinctive voice, alluring style and irresistible charisma, she has come to be recognized as one of the main trend-setters on the Balkans most beloved pop star.

Call Me" is the latest track from DARA featuring Matteo. DARA joined forces with the music producer Cris Tarcea – Monoir, who produced the track and the rapper/reggae singer Matteo, whose projects have more than 200M views on YouTube and over 20M streams on Spotify.


Matei - Anton Aurel Eugen Ioan Florentin Vasiliu, or better known by his stage name Matteo, is the performer and writer of the record breaking hit "Panama" with over 7M streams on Spotify. Matteo has worked on projects with many other Romanian pop artists, such as Loredana Groza, Taraful din Clejani, Marius Moga, Alex Velea, Smiley, Connect-R, Lidia Buble, 2americani, Keed, Super ED, and Rashid. “Call Me” is officially another track he can tick off on his list of successes. Proving a star of kind on her own and with strong collaborations with big names in the music industry!

DARA is a trademark for quality hits and on the Balkan territories. Her singles and videos have achieved more than 80M streams, multiple New Music Fridays around Europe and numerous #1s in the Official Airplay Chart. DARA’s journey towards an international career is going forward with marketing activities and collaborations in the USA, Canada, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, UK and Romania.

Her last international single “Thunder”, stayed 14 weeks on top of the Bulgarian airplay charts; written together with the KU3E duo (Chris Young & Mats Genc – previously wrote songs for Jason Derulo, Kylie Minogue, Lionel Richie.) A true artist, with vocal and lyrical music talents and skills that continue to shine.

In celebration of her new single, Tendance Music spoke to DARA about her creative process behind her latest track "Call Me", her musical journey and goals for the future. And Here is the TELL ALL STORY right from DARA herself!


1.   How did your journey start in this career? What do you love most about music?

In 2015, I participated in The X Factor Bulgaria. It was a crazy experience for me because I had never sung pop until then and had to do it in a foreign language - English. All I knew how to sing was Bulgarian folklore music.

I won 3rd place in the show and after that I got signed to Virginia Records.  

I released my first single in 2016, which was a smash hit in Bulgaria. I didn’t even knew what a “Smash Hit” was or the feeling of your song being number one. I was just enjoying the performances and connecting with the audience. What I love most about music is that you can free your creativity,  let your soul to speak through you, help people and tell your story. I love the freedom that music gives me.

2.   Can you explain a little about the creative process behind your new track “Call Me”?

I wrote “Call Me” with the extremely talented Romanian producer Monoir, who I have worked with for the past 3 years. We created the track online  due to the pandemic but that didn’t affect the good energy between us or the vibe that we have every time we are in the studio together. At that time I was ready with the release plan for the year so I put it on the side for a bit. Last year ,my label Virginia Records got a call from Universal Romania, who wanted to do a collaboration with me. I didn’t know what to expect because I wasn’t sure if Matteo would like the track as much as we did. After hearing his verse I was amazed! So fresh, cool, on point, different and colourful!

3.   What are some of your favourite lyrics from the track and why?

“I’m so obsessed with your lips lips” That obsession is a real deal. I’ve been there a couple of times and it really sucks when you can’t get this last taste of someones lips or that sweet goodnight kiss.

4.   What is the overall story behind “Call Me”?

Monoir and I are always finding inspiration for our songs from our own lives and our personal stories. We love to play different versions of ourselves to show the different sides of us. “Call Me” is a playful song about a girl and a boy who are still in the beginning of their ride together. The girl plays it cool and sexy to show some interest, but not too much. “You can call me if u miss me”!

5.   Would you say that your music style has evolved since the beginning of your career?

For sure. My musical style and taste has evolved so much. My way of writing, singing and performing has grown with me. I love to learn new things that help me connect with myself and improve my art.

6.   What or who inspires you?

I’m super inspired by my imagination and by the way I’m able to manifest my dreams. I know what I aim for and how to get there. I’m inspired by people that are talented, creative, good hearted, smart, funny, joyful, but mainly discipled people that are brave enough to follow their hearts.

7.   Do you have any specific career goals you would like to reach in the years to come?

One of my main goals is for my music to be wide spread. I aim to be one of the first Bulgarian artists on the global stage. I would love to represent my country in the best possible way.

8.   Lastly, what advice would you give to someone who has just started a career in music?

"Follow your heart, open up to the world and make a 1-year plan. The artist’s path is not an easy one because this freedom doesn’t always provide you with security, but trust me it feeds your soul, and gives you wings with which you can fly into different dimensions." - Dara



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