June 22, 2020

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Here’s Why Your Music Promotion Isn’t Working

Tried to market your music but not seeing any results? How are you going about promoting it? Is everything that you’ve tried failing you? If so, don’t fret, because we have some good news.

Tried to market your music but not seeing any results? How are you going about promoting it? Is everything that you’ve tried failing you? If so, don’t fret, because we have some good news. There are music marketing advice blogs and agencies that can do it for you and help you come up with the best music marketing strategy. With the correct strategies, you can get millions of views on your music videos, you can get yourself on Spotify playlists, you can attract audiences and you can land those big brand deals. 

First and foremost, what exactly is music marketing? Basically, it is when you push out your music to a wider audience and grow your fanbase using particular methods. It’s not enough to just release a song every once and awhile, whatever it is that you are pushing out to the public, you need to promote it to the best of your abilities. Now, if you are noticing that your audience isn’t growing the way that you want it to, it’s either because you aren’t getting many streams or you aren’t getting many people to engage with your music content. Well, it’s time to make a change.

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Music Online Promotion

To begin with, you need to get a better understanding of what should be included in a music marketing campaign. Focus on online promotion (getting your music mentioned in blogs), radio promotion (getting your music played on radio stations), content creation (generating appealing digital content to push out to audiences) and then of course, ad campaigns (highlights you as an artist and what you offer specifically). These are the main parts of marketing for any music artist who wants to grow their audience and reach all new heights within the industry. Now, if you’ve been using these techniques and they haven’t been working for you, theres’ a reason for that. So, let’s jump into each of these tactics and get a better idea of why they may not be working out for you.

If you are mentioned in a blog, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your listeners are going to skyrocket, instead this will act as a line of credibility. Even when you are mentioned in one blog, don’t expect that all of a sudden you will be getting hundreds of more fans, thats’t not how it works. Blogs can help establish an artist and they can use blogs they’re mentioned in as part of their artistic CV. Focus on the fact that getting mentioned in a blog is a starting point to prove you are a legit artist that is serious about the music industry. 

Next up is radio plugging. As an emerging artist, you need to build a portfolio of radio plays. Start off small and work your way up; conduct research into the smaller radio stations and then develop from there. There’s no point comparing yourself to A-list artists that are always played on the radio when you are just starting up a career in music. Everyone starts somewhere and then eventually grows, you need to remember that and not get disheartened when you aren’t played on the bigger stations at the beginning. 

Music Streaming Promotion

Streaming promotion is a main focus for many artists nowadays. Let’s face it, no one is buying individual tracks or albums these days which is why streaming promotion is crucial for any music artist who is trying to make it big in the industry. With 40,000 tracks being uploaded to Spotify each day, it can be quite competitive. But, there is something you can do to grab the editor’s attention and get your tracks noticed. For one, those blogs we mentioned earlier should be included in your Spotify artist submission form to act as credibility. When you fill out that form, make your niche the focal point. It will not help you in the long run if you are too general when filling out the form, you need to be specific and it starts with depicting your niche. Also, try to get on those branded and user-curated playlists if you are having trouble getting featured on the editorial playlists. Just make sure they are legit streams.

Music Promotion

Capture the attention of audiences on social media. Artists can really struggle with this at times because they aren’t sure of what content to post. In this digital era, music artists need to focus on content creation to highlight their music and talents. People expect to engage with their favourite artist and have a conversation, that’s when social media come into play. But the question is, what kind of content should you be posting? How often should you post? Why is your engagement lacking? There can be many different reasons but a leading one is that artists aren’t following a theme. Discover what your theme is and be consistent with posting relevant content that surrounds it. Build relationships and always make sure you are engaging with your audience because that is what will turn them into life-long fans.

Last but not least, we highly recommend ad campaigns. Due to the changes in social platform algorithms, ads are definitely worth the time and money. Thousands of people have been seen to engage with creative music campaigns. Now, if you aren’t seeing this engagement, it could be because the content isn’t up to par, the target audience isn’t right or you aren’t retargeting. Let’s look into how you can improve:

  1. Do not push out salesy content. We understand that you are wanting to sell your music, but posting this kind of content won’t get the job done as audiences aren’t likely to engage with it.
  2. Create content that adds value to the audiences’ lives.
  3. Center in on your niche and include it in your content plan.
  4. Make sure you are remarketing. Hit audiences with your face, your logo and your brand multiple times.

When you are successful, you will be thankful for all the steps you took to reach that accomplishment as an artist.



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