June 22, 2020

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Trends To Follow For Artist Growth

That is the golden ticket question right there. Sometimes it can be accomplished with the right kind of tools and other times it may not work out. But, there is a leading factor when it comes to producing content that is viral-worthy, and that is honing in on trends. 

How can one go viral nowadays?

That is the golden ticket question right there. Sometimes it can be accomplished with the right kind of tools and other times it may not work out. But, there is a leading factor when it comes to producing content that is viral-worthy, and that is honing in on trends. 

Music Marketing Campaigns

In the technological era that we live in, it certainly helps to be digitally savvy. We have a wealth of information literally just underneath our fingertips due to technological advances. A certain marketing tool that has been around for ages continues to flourish amongst industries, one of the most notable being the music industry. This tool is also known as trending content. It may sound straight-forward, but it can be difficult to navigate at times. Trends are constantly changing just like how technology is constantly adapting to people’s needs. But how can an artist, or record label for that matter, stay on top of industry trends? Marketing specialists have come across a few music industry trends to aid in artist growth. Perhaps this will give you a better understanding of how to market your own work!

Personalized marketing

Personalized marketing and networking can help you understand audiences to determine what resonates and what doesn’t. Usually, you can see when something isn’t working or not generating positive reactions. In order to avoid this from happening, you must always incorporate new trends into your music marketing campaigns.

Music Campaigns

Music campaigns tend to do quite well on social media platforms. Bear in mind that you don’t need to take on every single social media platform out there. It really depends on the artist and whatever they are most comfortable with. It can be stressful managing and staying digitally active on all platforms, it’s a lot to take on! If an artist isn’t able to maintain all platforms, the solution is to focus on one platform and produce high quality, intriguing content in that specific space. If their strength is creating short video clips, they can hone in on TikTok. If they like to produce longer music videos, they can target fans on YouTube. If their strength is strictly audio, they can direct their attention to Soundcloud or Spotify. Again, it really depends on that particular artist.

Now, sometimes the popularity from the one platform can carry over to other platforms if the individual is posting engaging content. For example, Sam Ryder made his debut on TikTok in 2020 by taking advantage of the lockdown and continuously posting his entertaining content on the app. He now has 10 million followers on TikTok due to his engaging content. But this also carried over to his Instagram where he also has a solid following which is now at 3.5 million. This is because his content is similar to what he posts on TikTok and he probably took note of that, then deciding to deliver the same sort of content posts to Instagram. This just goes back to the artist themselves and what they feel most comfortable doing. If they have enough time and are passionate about certain platforms, they can dedicate themselves to produce stellar content. If it’s the other way around and are only able or willing to focus in on one platform, then they can produce intriguing content on that platform.

TikTik Trends

Trends we see on Tiktok are defined by the audience, and the same goes for music. It is not so much about the top 100 lists anymore. A lot of the decision making is done on TikTok which just goes to show how much of a 360 spin the world has done in the past year and a half. So, if an artist wants to become active on TikTok and post content to get their name out there, it’s important to be dynamic and passionate. The goal from the beginning should be to grow a genuine fan base on social media and keep them digitally engaged. If the artist is creating content that audiences love, they will see a whole lot of  positive feedback.

Influencer marketing is starting to make its appearance in the music industry. Artists could work with these influencers on Instagram or TikTok and include them in their own content to gain more traction and reach audiences that haven’t been explored yet. However, collaborations depend on the artist and their craft. The artist cannot lose their momentum because of a collaboration nor can they lose sight of their overall message they are trying to convey to audiences. With this type of marketing trend, it needs to be well-planned and constructed in a way where the artist can still stay on-brand.

Artists can really delve into live opportunities and short videos because these are genuine ways to converse with fans. These tactics can deepen the engagement and build a community online. Luckily, there are now monetization opportunities on platforms that artists can use as marketing tools. As we all know, song creators weren’t able to sell tickets for shows during the pandemic so some immersed themselves into monetization opportunities. This was, and continues to be a way to have a steady stream of revenue whilst giving something to fans. The thought of seeing an artist perform live is desired now more than ever which is why fans are willing to pay for live video sessions.

Additionally, ad campaigns will always be a good strategy to use because they play a huge part in audience growth and artist awareness. In order to have a strong marketing plan, advertising needs to be a part of the mix. Record labels have the ability to target their ads to the right audience and gain momentum online. Audio ads are great to use on Spotify, this is a dynamic way to advertise in the music industry. Not only are audio ads intriguing but they are a personalized way to advertise to fans and their desires. Our agency stands by personalized promotions because of the positive outcomes they can deliver. YouTube ads tend to be more personalized than Instagram ads so that’s a great space for artists to play around in. If they are wanting to deepen their connection with their fan base and get their music out into the open, investing in YouTube ads can be seen as quite the win for the both the artist and the label.

Implementing these trends into your current strategy can get you ahead of the game so you aren’t fighting to get heard. 



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